Expand your writing influence among the fastest growing demographic online (African women) with the fastest growing online publication today, AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE.

“We read to know we are not alone.”
by William Nicholson

AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE does not accept guest posts, but we are always seeking writers who share our vision and purpose to fill various writing and editing positions:

Feature Writers/Columnists 
AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE is published once a month and is committed to providing intelligent, relevant and well thought out articles in a timely manner. Our feature writers and columnists are creative writers with the ability to keep their audiences coming back for more. They must be able to pitch creative ideas, engage their readers and meet monthly deadlines.

Columnists will have their bios featured as part of our editorial team. If you are a freelancer or blogger, and are interested in joining the AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE team, please


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Writers Guidelines

Who We Are: AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE is the premier online publication dedicated to featuring the amazing achievements of African women, especially their humanitarian efforts.

What AG is Looking for: We are seeking writers who love what they do and whose writings carry a significant message to African women and portrays the African woman in an uplifting light. Most of all, we are seeking writers who share our vision and goals. We welcome writers interested in writing articles on a monthly basis between 500 and 800 words.

Our Columns Include:

  • Goddesses:Featuring women of African descent with humanitarian causes. Features must be in the form of interviews or written profiles (subject to editor’s approval)
  • Body & Mind: This column combines health-related articles with inspirational pieces for the mind, body and soul. Articles must seek to inspire and encourage women to live their best possible lives, and to thrive to be the women God intended them to be. Inspirational articles can be individual lessons learned, or articles that seek to inspire women to achieve their best.
  • Heart & Soul: Love and Relationship articles must be tailored toward general concepts of African relationships. There are lots of publications that exist to address relationships by westernized standards. We seek to address relationship issues that are realistically faced by African women.
  • Career & Money: Career and Money writers write about issues of financial and business/career relevance. Topics must be approved by the editor.
  • Other Columns include:
    • Life (personal essays/stories)
    • Candid Talk (opinions)
    • Food & Wine
    • AGDaily Buzz
    • Feminism
    • Books and more…
  • All topics must be approved by the editor

Submission Guidelines

At AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE, quality is an important quality in which we pride ourselves. For this reason, we only accept articles of the highest standards for publication. While we reserve the right to edit the content of articles submitted, we advise that articles be of the highest standards.

Please allow up to two (2) weeks for the review of your submission. Once a submission has been accepted for publication, you will be assigned a publication date. It is suggested that you visit the website on that day and throughout the rest of the month to engage readers in a discussion of your article. Note that while the general writing guideline indicates that articles must be between 500 and 800 words, poetry, recipes and other quick tips may be shorter.

*Please be advised that while we do appreciate your contribution and willingness to be a part of our team, it is possible that an article you submit will not be featured if the article does not meet our standards. If you wish to re-submit an article, please feel free to do so after you have made all the necessary edits.

Things to Know before Submitting an Article: If you have read this far, thanks for your continued interest in AG. And congratulations! You are one step away from being published in the premier online publication for African women viewed by thousands the world over. Here are a few other important things you should know before you submit your article:

1.  By submitting your article to AG, you hereby grant us permission to edit and publish the article for content and length, where necessary.

3.  By submitting your article to AG, you represent that you are the original author or, you are submitting the article with the permission of the original author. AG has zero tolerance for the submission of plagiarized work!

4.  AG reserves the right to reject any article that overtly seeks to promote the writer’s personal accomplishments and/or that of his/her event, book, website, service etc. and that does not benefit readers in any way.

5.  Please do not embed photographs in your articles for submission. If you do, AG reserves the right to remove them and to use our own photographs.

Once again, thanks for your interest in being a part of the AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE team.

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