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Elizabeth Alluah Vaah is an accountant by profession who works as a financial consultant for a Fortune 500 company in Ghana. She is the Executive Director of Vaah Junior Foundation for Better Maternal & Child Health. Elizabeth is using her unfortunate experience with fresh stillbirth to give women a voice in their demand for better care while also seeking out and publicly honoring deserving medical practitioners for excellent care to women. The very first of such awards was given to Dr James D Clayman of Amasaman Municipal hospital in Accra in December 2011.

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Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

March 9, 2010 changed our lives forever. Any time I see pictures of my VJ, my heart skips a beat. My husband’s tearful face at 5.20pm that fateful Tuesday evening has been engrained in my memory. A myriad of emotions went through me as I tried to make sense of the reality that my beautiful […]

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