The Afrikan Goddess story began long before October 2008, but since the magazine officially went live online in October 2008,  we like to say our story began on October 1, 2008. At the time we launched, there were very few online publications in existence to celebrate and honor the intelligence, brilliance and wonderful achievements of women of African descent. There were publications which catered to black women, but the focus was too broad and often times, divided. Our stories are different as African women – whether we were born on the continent or born in the West of African parents. Afrikan Goddess wanted to celebrate our lives and tell our stories, our way!

Enter AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE (which was once known as Afrikan Goddess Online) and the rest, as the cliche goes, is history. From humble beginnings, the publication has grown from being a 10 readers a day publication to over 10,000 readers logging in every month, and we’re still growing.

AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE is a subsidiary of Afrikan Goddess Media, LLC. Our content is designed with the educated, professional, classy, charming and sassy African woman in mind. We encourage women to express their creativity and ideas through writing, and also serve as a platform for meaningful discussions and exchange of ideas.


Publisher and Managing Editor

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A woman of African descent who possesses a female power so authentic and self-sufficient. She sets her own pace and dances to the tune of her own music. She is innovative, intelligent, sure, and in control of her destination. But most importantly, she gives selflessly of herself to others.

At Afrikan Goddess we acknowledge that there’s a goddess in every woman. It is that female power so forceful that has been silenced by years of denigration and imposed inferiority. Through our publications, especially the goddess profiles, Afrikan Goddess seeks to empower African women, the world over, to reclaim that power, and to reclaim their sense of selfless service to their communities, their sense of skin-pride, self-pride, natural intellect and rich cultural heritage, that makes us so unique.


Our mission is to:

  • Bring to the limelight the amazing achievements of African women across the world.
  • Support the community and humanitarian efforts of African women.
  • Encourage African women to openly and freely discuss the issues that affect us.
  • Enhance awareness of the rich cultural heritage of African women.
  • Introduce the unique elegant beauty and lifestyle of African women.
  • Encourage the expression of creativity and ideas through writing.

Men Are Welcome Too

Afrikan Goddess loves men, and men are welcome to participate. But, at Afrikan Goddess, women rule. These are our views and these are our words unedited and uncensored! This is our space where we are both seen and heard!

Afrikan Goddess was established with one goal in mind – to be the best online publication out there with a primary focus on African women.