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| March 26, 2013

Kate's Organics

Kate Kibarah was once the chubby girl who got called names in school. After losing the weight and gaining the confidence and admiration of numerous inquisitive minds, she set out to change the way Kenya and the rest of Africa thinks about their bodies and their eating habits. Meet Kate Kibarah, founder and CEO of Kate’s Organics. Healthy living is her passion, and her vision is to help every individual she encounters to experience the body and health they want and deserve.

Kate KibarahName: Kate Kibarah (Clinical Nutritionist & Colon Hydrotherapist and Health Coach)
Position: Managing Director & CEO at Kate’s Organics & Rejuvenate
Short Story: Healthy Living is a passion of mine. It is my calling. My vision is to help humanity experience the body and health they deserve and to keep people healthy through adopting a healthy lifestyle. I want people to be healthy because health is God given if we could only do what is right. This is what has driven me to be who, and where, I am today. I started the whole healthy living experience on myself by losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle. People close to me noticed the transformation and began asking question, and slowly like a ripple in the water, I started teaching small classes on healthy living and within no time started my consultancy service doing lectures, TV and radio programs, a colonic hydrotherapy service, packed health products and so on.
Age: Not revealed
Country of Birth: Kenya
Country of Residence: Kenya
Education: Clinical Nutrition and Colon Hydrotherapy
Marital status: Single
Role Model: Eleni Gebremehdin, former CEO of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. She is an astute leader and entrepreneur who single-handedly built the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange as a model for the rest of Africa.
Favorite Thing to Do: International Travels & meeting people who challenge me vertically.
Favorite Dish: Githeri cooked by my mother
Guilty Pleasure(s): I plead the 5th
Last Book Read: A book by John C Maxwell on leadership
Facebook Page: and
Twitter Handle:

“The crucial balance of harmony of body soul and mind is also essential to attaining a healthy lifestyle. Success in keeping a good balance will to a large extent yield the desired results. I would advise that you keep (guard) your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit – if you share my faith. A tailpiece – If you do not take food like medicine, you will certainly end up taking medicine like food!”

Tell me a little bit about your personal background.
I am a God fearing, patient and tolerant woman. I am also a self-driven person full of drive and passion for healthy living and wellness.

How, and why, did you start Kate’s Organics?
I grew up as an obese child and I was often called ‘balloon’ by other kids. Kids can be so mean. As I grew older, I changed my lifestyle and people took notice and began asking me what I had done to lose the weight. I started as a health consultant offering a healthy lifestyle advisory service and a colonic hydrotherapy service involving specialized health training courses, lectures and presentations for corporations, social networks and groups targeting both men and women across different age groups from children through to senior citizens. Before long, I was offering health programs on TV and Radio and even founded a virtual lifestyle health club, but most of my clients could not get access to healthy, organic foods which I often recommend. In response to the growing need to provide a broad range of solutions to improve human health and well-being and to promote a healthy lifestyle across Kenyan society, I started Kate’s Organics offering an integrated set of organic health products and services to include both consultancy and advisory aimed at transforming lifestyles into healthier ones. 

In your experience, what do you think healthy living means to Africans (Kenyans specifically)?  Healthy living means to live a healthy lifestyle. It is a composite lifestyle that promotes longevity and sound health (body mind and soul). It therefore consists essentially of how you build your nutrient intake and how they are metabolized! It is the net result of our body’s metabolic process that contributes to the physical, physiological and ultimately anatomical outcomes of the body part of our being. Consequently, what you bring into your body determines what kind of metabolic results you obtain. It should be pointed out that we are as different as we look because the greater parts of the metabolic pathways we adopt are a function of our genetic make-up. That is why someone eats 20 Hamburgers in a week and his weight is unchanged and the other eats one in a week and he’s got to work that single burger out of his body.

The crucial balance of harmony of body soul and mind is also essential to attaining a healthy lifestyle. Success in keeping a good balance will to a large extent yield the desired results. I would advise that you keep (guard) your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit – if you share my faith. A tailpiece – If you do not take food like medicine, you will certainly end up taking medicine like food!

What are some of the consultancy services you provide and who do you typically provide them to? Well, we offer consultancy in all areas of healthy living, nutrition and wellness. This includes a colonic hydrotherapy service, lectures and trainings on healthy living, programs on TV and radio, and articles in the print media. I have also written books (one a recipe book) on indigenous foods. We also offer one-on-one consultancy on weight loss, disease prevention and management. My clientele base is basically everyone, especially the health conscious.

The consultancy and advisory service aims to promote human health and well-being through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Bad eating habits and lifestyles are identified and dietary solutions are recommended on both a group and individual basis. We also promote and educate on the importance of eating organic foods. We provide specialized training courses, lectures and presentations for corporations, social networks and groups targeting both men and women across different age groups from children through to senior citizens.  We also invite clients to join Kate’s healthy lifestyle virtual club and receive online advice as well as attend specialized talks.

Describe the most challenging part of running an organic food business in Kenya.
From our experience, consumer information, knowledge and sensitization systems on the whole discussion on organic products is very weak. We still have a long way to go when it comes to convincing the consumer of the benefits of organic products as premium wholesome products. Sometimes, cheap can be expensive! However, venturing into such a heavily challenged market can be discouraging. I am thus left with my conviction that informing the wainanchi on the long term benefits and wholesomeness of organic products will significantly grow the market. This is my present consolation. I believe the future is organic.

How involved are you with local farmers, and what are some of the benefits they stand to gain by doing business with Kate’s Organics?  Do you see any glaring challenges for local farmers?
We work with teams of single mothers and widows in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania who grow the organic foods for us. We support them with everything necessary for their farming needs from providing seedlings, technical knowhow to trainings or any other service necessary that they require. This has benefitted the farmers too because they now have a market for their produce. We also provide schemes for the farmers to offer various forms of support mechanisms. In general, I think the main challenge for local famers everywhere is lack of the technical know-how and much more so having no access to markets for their produce.

Tell me a little bit about two of your best selling products and their benefits.
All our range of products are best-sellers, especially the anti-oxidant teas. I can say our moringa tea and Kate’s Organics moringa oleifera powder.  

Moringa is widely known for its health boosting properties, thus acquiring the name ‘Never Die’.  Kate’s Organics Moringa Oleifers leaf powder is the absolute super food power packed with many nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is a source of incredible health benefits and a wealth of essential disease preventing nutrients. It is absolutely the ultimate, natural, organic, energy and endurance health supplement making it the most powerful anti-oxidant.  Kate’s Organics Moringa Leaf powder is that super food that helps to keep our bodies protected and healthy naturally. We need this type of healthy supplement in our diets every day to ensure that we are getting the vital nutrients that we need for healthy bodies to fight and/or prevent diseases.

As much as I said they are all best sellers, Kate’s organics Green tea is also a flag bearer. Green tea is known to be the tea with the highest number of antioxidants and phytochemicals as well as other important nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Kate’s Organics Green Tea is a great tea with many healthy benefits. Generally green tea is known and has been used for centuries in health maintenance.  Kate’s Organics Green tea is amongst the best in the Country and just like our other products it is organically grown.

One of the main functions of Kate’s Organics Green tea is raising the body’s metabolism which in turn helps in increasing the efficiency of body functions. It also increases fat oxidation and fat metabolism and maximizes the body’s fat potential thus aiding promoting weight loss, a well known property by many. Excess body fat is associated with obesity, high blood pressure, cancers, diabetes and even heart disease. Getting rid of the bad fat from your diet and in your body is very important for ensuring a healthy body.

If you could tell an aspiring business woman to invest in just one thing, what would it be, and why?
My investment preference is all about LIFE and LIVELIHOODS. Not necessarily of a fiscal nature, I focus on the end rather than the means. As a woman myself, I place a premium on strengthening livelihood potentials of the vulnerable in our population. That is why I employ only socially challenged individuals -orphans, the despised and outcasts (for want of a better word etc) and I positively facilitate wealth creation and livelihoods for the socially challenged and vulnerable groups. In other words, people who would otherwise be unable to make ends meet are being offered to do so – as my main clientele in sourcing my primary products.

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