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| March 12, 2013

“Reading your article stirred me to think deeper about the topic of self-love. Two things immediately came to mind: first, healthy self-love involves a personal journey of acceptance; and second, healthy self-love should ideally lead a person to want to share more love with others. Self-love is part of the process of learning to accept who you are. This means coming to understand the things you can and cannot change about yourself, surrounding yourself with caring and positive thinkers, investing in activities that bring inner peace, and believing that you are striving each day to do your own best. Seeking self-love is not a destination, but a continuous voyage that holds the key to self-knowledge. When you know how to love and how to forgive yourself and others, only then you are in a position to love and serve others without judgment. Just as you noted in your article, “you cannot give what you do not have.” You can only have sufficient love to give when you have first learned to find it in yourself.” Signed: Imuetinyan Ugiagbe

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