Fall in Love with Your Job all over Again

| February 4, 2013

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Remember when you first landed your job and it was all you could think about? You walked through the doors that first day of work feeling like you could conquer the proverbial career world. You were set to take over and move up quicker than one could make it to the water cooler. Now, it is two years later and you no longer feel that spark for the job that once brought you so much to look forward to. In case you’re thinking of leaving for greener pastures because the love is gone, here are five ways you can, first, try and see if you can bring back the love (kinda like marriage counseling for your career) before you walk away for good.

Remember Why You First Fell in Love:  As with everything, it always pays to go back and assess the past. Where, how and why did you begin to lose the love? If you can go back and figure out where you began to lose it, you can begin steps to re-create the fondness. Maybe you had expectations that were not met. Go back to the drawing board and assess where to go from here.

See the Opportunities You May Have Missed: In every situation, there is indeed a silver lining. Look for that silver lining in your current situation at work. It could be as small as an opportunity to connect with a work colleague you’ve never liked because of unfounded rumors you never bothered to check out for yourself. Take the time to get to know this individual. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Look for the Positive Hidden in the Negative: Again, the issue of the silver lining presents itself. Negative situations have a funny way of working themselves out for our own good. Stay positive and open, remembering that something good is bound to come out of every painful and negative experience we encounter. That huge mistake you made in the executive meeting that has caused a huge dip in your self-esteem was probably meant to make you work twice as hard as you used to, not for you to give up.

Make Work Fun for You: As human beings, we gravitate towards the things that bring us joy and run away from the things that don’t. Making your work/office a fun place to be will increase your willingness and excitement to go there. Put happy pictures on your walls, place plants there, decorate it with things that remind you of a place where you want to be. And, get to know your work colleagues. Be a part of the team!

Network More and Make Friends at Work: Many of us spend a lot of time at work. So it helps to actually want to be there for the first 8 hours (or more) of every day that you have to be there. Being on friendly terms with your work colleagues will help make the time you spend at work bearable.

Whatever you do, never leave simply because you feel the love is gone. You’ll end up with a pattern of job hopping that won’t serve you well in the long run. Treat your job like a relationship/marriage and exhaust all your options before you finally decide to leave.

What are your thought on this topic? Please share in the comments below. We want to know what you think. Thanks.

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