Your Rose is Trying to Tell You Something

| February 3, 2013

red roses bouquet

Over the years, we have come to associate roses with romance. But did you know that a rose can make the perfect meaningful gift outside of being a simple romantic gesture?

Red Roses Say: “I love you” of course. We all know that. Crimson red roses (or any other flower) represent respect, passion and beauty.

White Roses Say:  I’m sorry.” Ivory colored roses signify reverence, purity, innocence and humility. Naturally a mixture of both white and red roses says “I’m sorry” and “I love you.”

Yellow Roses Say: “Welcome back” and “remember me.” Yellow roses signify friendship and joy.

Pink Roses Say: “Thank you.” Deep dark pink roses show appreciation and gratitude. Light pink roses signify sympathy and grace.

Orange Roses Say: “I’m enthusiastic.” They can signify excitement and desire.

The numbers of roses you receive also have their own meanings. A single red rose shows says “I love you.” A cluster of thirteen roses means you have a secret admirer (or stalker). A dozen red roses means “I really love you.” Two roses intertwined says, “marry me.”

When colors and numbers are combined, they could also mean different things, but for this Valentine’s Day, ladies, all you need to know is this: if your man gives you any rose but red roses for Valentine’s Day, you should think about having a conversation about the future of your relationship – even if those roses come with chocolate and teddy bears!

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