5 Effective Tips on How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

| December 20, 2012

working outThe holiday season has arrived and festivities are knocking at the door with the most scrumptious of meals loaded with sweets, dry fruits and other food items that will leave you with happiness, memories of good times and a few extra pounds on your body. Apart from the change in one’s eating pattern, there are several other factors that lead to weight gain during the holiday season such as; not keeping up with a workout regimen, travelling, partying or for some people even stress which results in overeating. Although, it is difficult to stick to the same routine during celebrations it’s important to keep an eye out for your weight. Here are five effective tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain this season without compromising on the merriment that comes with the festivities.

1. Watch your alcohol intake:

Weight gain and alcohol intake are directly proportionate. Alcoholic drinks contain no or very little nutritional value; while adding up to the extra calories to gain weight. Keep an eye on what and how much you are drinking. Restrict your alcohol serving to one or two and be discreet with your choice of alcoholic beverages. Opt for wine or light beer instead of eggnog with high fat. Have plenty of water and other low calories beverages in between to keep yourself hydrated as well as to control your alcohol intake during this holiday season.

2. Don’t arrive hungry at the party:

You must always have a light and healthy snacks before arriving at a party, to avoid the rich, calorie filled food. If you are really hungry, reach out for fruits, salads or other light snacks to curb your hunger. Fill yourself with water before you start eating at the party. This is a smart way to keep the excess weight at bay.

3. Be smart with buffet:

buffetWhile eating at a party, be smart with your servings and choice of food items. Take a small plate and just don’t fill it with every possible thing at the buffet. Avoid sweets and desserts. Pick up vegetables; however keep the dips and sauces at an arm’s distance. Eat protein like meat, eggs, yogurt, seafood etc to curb your hunger. Protein will make you feel stuffed and will keep you away from the food counter. Eat slowly and make sure not to stand by the buffet table.

4. Concentrate on socializing:

Eating is not the sole motto of partying during the holiday season. It is about meeting and spending quality time with loved ones. Divert your attention and concentrate more on socializing than eating. Conversation and socializing will also make you feel happy, keeping you away from the stress and calories both.

5. Keep moving:

You might not be able to stick to your workout regime during this fun time. You can always burn those extra calories by keeping yourself on the move. Dance your heart out, go for evening walks, walk around or go for swimming with friends. There are various ways to keep yourself moving to keep you fit without compromising on the fun side of the holiday season.

Virginia Cunningham writes for Northwest Pharmacy. The L.A. Resident blogs on a variety of topics including health, beauty and wellness.

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