10 Health Gadgets that Make Great Holiday Gifts

| December 14, 2012

A healthy body is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself or those you love and care for. The year 2012 has been a year in which tech gadgets makers and designers worked extra hard to develop high end and sophisticated health related gadgets. With the holiday season here with us again, here is a look at ten of the best health gadgets that will make great holiday gifts. This is not the definitive list but just a selection of some of the best.

BodyMedia Adhesive Patch

BodyMediaPatchThis disposable patch developed in conjunction with the renowned medical device company, Avery Dennison, uses BodyMedia’s assortment of sensors to monitor important body data including steps taken, calories burned, sleep patterns, activity levels among many others. It is worn on the left arm triceps and can record as many as 500 data points every minute for up to seven days

Iqua Beat

iqua beatThis is an all-in-one ear bud that includes a high performance Bluetooth stereo headset with call answer capability, heart rate monitor with an accompanying iPhone app and a swipe based music control feature. This handy gadget is suitable for fitness fanatics who want to gather more information about their workouts. The headset has an inbuilt in step counter and a real time audio feedback about your performance.

Fitbit Smart Scale

fitbit-scaleThis is not your average scale, not only does it measure your weight, it also keeps track of body mass index (BMI) and fat percentages over a period of time. Through your home wireless network, the scale can upload the information to a private online account where the data can be analyzed and graphs created to track your progress, helping you focus on the long term progress rather than short term blips.

Basis Band

Basis-BandIt looks like an ordinary wristwatch but has extra skin sensors to monitor the wearer’s heart rate, calories burned over a period of time, sleep patterns, perspiration, body temperature and other physical activities. The collected data is analyzed and displayed via a beautiful web portal. It is very lightweight and waterproof to encourage users to wear it all the time.

Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap

woohoo bandThis is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor strap made for the latest iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The gadget combines with the included Apps to transform your Apple product into an all-in-one training device suitable for all fitness enthusiasts. The connections and data transfers are wireless and can work with other open API Apps such as MotionX-GPS, MapMyRide, Strava and RunKeeper.

Qualcomm AliveCor iPhone ECG device

AliveCor-300x256This is an Iphone case that turns the phone into a wireless, clinical quality electrocardiogram monitor to check the electrical and muscular activities of the heart. The casing has two metal bumps at the back that when hand held or placed on the chest, and in conjunction with an App, can analyze, transmit, and store the readings for immediate diagnosis.

First Warning System Breast Health Screening Bra

smartbraThis specialty bra can literally save your life. It detects the first signs of breast cancer through its super sensitive and cost effective non-invasive screening system. The incorporated technology uses dynamic temperature analysis of the breast to detect tissue changes that occurs years before a tumor develops. It does not use radiation or other toxic methods to monitor breast health.

Striiv Pedometer Gadget

striiv smartThis is a handy, matchbox sized personal pedometer that can be used to count your steps. This is then converted into handy energy points that can be redeemed in MyLand game for coins to buy virtual trees and buildings. The gadget can be attached to a belt and it has a color touch screen interface. It can be interfaced with The Walkathon App where you can choose three real charities where you can donate your energy points to.

iHealth Smart Glucometer

iHealth-Lab-Glucose-MeterThis unique gadget tests and monitors the user’s blood sugar level. It is suitable for all but especially those with diabetes. The gadget can be attached to an iPhone for tracking, recording and analysis of the blood sugar levels.


Zensorium’s Tinké

tinkeThis is a cardiorespiratory health and stress monitor for iOS based devices; iPhone, iPad and iPod. It uses light to measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels and respiratory rate. The data is then fed to an App which generates overall fitness scores called the ‘Vita Index’. Stress levels are accessed using the fluctuations of the heart rate and scored under the ‘Zen Index’. Both scores are stored for future comparisons.

Bio: Virginia Cunningham writes for Northwest Pharmacy. The L.A. Resident blogs on a variety of topics including health, beauty and wellness.

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