Is Love on Your Christmas List this Year?

| December 11, 2012

Some of us wish for jewelry, others wish for the latest electronic gadgets, and yet others simply wish to find that special someone to spend the holidays with. And when the love is real, that’s a gift that no amount of money can buy. And you deserve it, if you’re truly searching and ready. Here’re a few things you can do to heighten your chances of finding love this holiday season. First, stay open-minded and positive, and wear your confidence on your sleeves, then:

Honor those Numerous Holiday Invitations: the holiday season is a time for partying. The invitations are endless and the chances of finding someone in the crowd of endless festivities gets higher with each event you attend. So, instead of curling up on the couch day in and day out during the holidays, get out there and mingle. Your love may just be waiting to meet you.

Attend a Church Program in your Neighborhood: From Christmas Carol’s Nights to nativity plays, the list of Church events you can attend are endless. It’s also the best place to find a serious-minded partner.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or Some Other Charity Event: along with the holidays comes that spirit of generosity and giving. And shelters and soup kitchens, filled with the needy, could use the extra hands.  So, get out there and give generously of your time. Your potential someone might be out there doing the same, and he/she is likely to have a generous and kind heart just like yours.

Put on Your Best Smile: Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to be smiling around the holidays? Put on your best smile and smile right back. You never know what might be in store. Good luck! Let us know how it goesJ

Do you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments below. Thanks!


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