Pray and Play Together: Secrets to Building Strong, Happy and Lasting Unions

| November 8, 2012

Ladies, did you know that studies have continually shown that couples who play and pray together are happier and stronger and build lasting unions? Well, now you know.  However, many of us find ourselves too serious and too busy to make room for the very things our relationships need as time goes by. We make time for prayer, play and laughter in the early days of courtship, but then we think these things don’t matter once everyone begins to feel safe and secure.

If your relationship is dying a slow and painful death due to lack of prayer and laughter, don’t despair because it’s not too late. Here are a few AFRIKAN GODDESS tips to help get you back on track to having that youthful spark in your relationship.

Make a Conscious Effort to Pray Together:  Many couples never do this during the full course of their relationships, some start then stop and others make it a daily practice. If you’re in any of the groups besides “daily practice,” you might want to start playing catch up. Make a conscious effort to pray with your man every day and see your love grow.

Stack Up on Board Games:  Board games can usually serve as a prelude to a wonderful date night just for two. So this Friday night, pull out those board games, dust them off and get to gaming with your man and see how the sparks fly. Remember to just have fun with it. No sore losing attitudes or you’ll ruin the whole purpose. If you don’t have board games, you can find them at reasonable prices either at Wal-Mart or Target.

Set Aside Date Nights and Weekends:  My friend Christen has date nights every Friday evening with her husband. I think that’s really cute and very much needed in just about every stage of a relationship. Some of us can remember the walks in the park and sitting under trees, hugged up tight, in the early stages of our relationships – and then it all stopped and we can’t remember why. Find time to be together again, just for fun. Date each other throughout your relationship. See a movie together, plan dinner dates, or just go to a concert together. You’ll be surprised at the wonders it’ll bring.

Loosen Up; Play is Not Only for Kids: Remember those movie scenes where the man is chasing his woman across the lawn, or on the beach, or rolling with her in the grass and how that made you feel? Remember the emotions such images stirred within you? We are all hungry for people we can connect to easily and in a playful sort of way. This is why a sense of humor is high on the list of many women in their search for love – because laughter is the best medicine and you’re going to definitely need some medicine at some point in your relationship.

Laugh it Up as You Share Your Lives Together:  We all have funny stories to tell about our childhood and our past. But far beyond that is the intimacy such sharing brings. Remember the fun moments together with your man. Laugh together about something from your childhood, or even something that happened in your relationship.

Hold My Hand and We’ll Walk Off into the Sunset Together Oh how little emphasis we place on the little things that are actually BIG things! The signs of a couple in love are usually visible in the way they relate to each other in public. No, don’t have a kissing fest in front of everybody, but please, do hold hands, snuggle up close, playfully tap each other, or, heck, even chase each other. Then go home to a house full of laughter and have a kissing fest where I don’t have to see it.

Did you like this article? Do you have something to add? Please do let’s hear from you. I love love love feedback:-)

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