Book Review: My Diary by Mary Skies

| November 8, 2012

In her debut book of poetry, 21 year-old Mary Skies captures the memories of young love, heartbreak and moving on in what can best be described as a somber read, which is not a bad thing because heartbreak and lost love definitely leave bitter tastes in the mouths of those who experience it.

My Diary is a book full of innocence and raw emotion captured from page to page. In “Hidden Feelings,” the author internalizes emotions of confusion and uncertainty of whether love will be returned the way it has been fully given.  “All the Way Down” lets out unhidden feelings of hurt, regret and rage. It’s that feeling a girl gets when she’s loved only to be burned when a guy suddenly walks away.

However, My Diary is not all about lost love and confused emotions. There are poems like “Believe” that speak of remembering the good times and holding on to the hope of a love that will hopefully be rekindled.  In “Lucky,” the author relates that feeling “so special” that “feels like magic” when someone genuinely cares and loves you. As she puts it, “it’s like a treasure put away waiting for someone lucky to find it.”

My Diary is obviously personal to the author, which makes the book all the more endearing. It’s relatable and it speaks to a specific audience – teenagers and young adults.

To grab a copy of My Diary, visit where you can purchase a copy for just 99 cents.

About the Author: I’m a 21 year old poet/author from Florida, and I have been writing for about ten years now. On October 9, 2012 I released my first poetry eBook titled My Diary on My Diary is a poetry eBook about love and heartbreak as a teenager and a young adult. The poems are about the love and heartbreak I have been through. Any girl who has been in love can relate to it. This eBook took almost 7 years to write and the poems are about my personal experiences. With My Diary, I can always remember.

I’m also writing a new eBook called Awkward Confessions to be released in January 2013 and a comic book series. She can be contacted at


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  1. yoyo says:

    this ebook is so good i really recommend it its so cheap only for 99 cents i suggest you get i loved every second of it

  2. kurt says:

    I loved this book it brought me to tears anybody who has experienced love and heartbreak should get this ebook i cant wait to read her other ebook coming Awkward confessions she did a good job on this one bravo bravo

    • Petr says:

      It would be a sad day indeed if you dediecd to stop the journal entries. They are fascinating to read, as well as inspiring me to keep saving to make the trip over. I live in Canada, so it’s not too easy to get over there frequently. I love seeing pictures of the museum, and of Graham in his uniform. He just have been boiling in it though. It shocked the witchcraft community here in Canada as well as in the US. I’m very sorry to hear that you lost some items, but thankfully you were able to salvage some. No one minds the gadgets – it’s all part of museum life. Hope to see you next year!-kristen