Boris and Nicole on Life, Love and Parenting

| September 17, 2012

In a recent Rolling Out interview, Boris Kudjoe and Nicole Ari Parker offered readers some insights on life, love and parenting.   Personally, I learned a lot from their interview because I’ve been experiencing my own dose of fears and questions where marriage and parenting are concerned. According to the magazine editorial, “from the moment they arrived on set for their rolling out cover shoot, Boris and Nicole displayed the type of bond that we often saw in Cliff and Claire Huxtable … or better yet, now with Barack and Michele.” And that’s the way it should be. I’m sure the two have had their ups and downs, and it’s good to know that love and common goals are keeping them together. The couple has been married for seven years – a feat considering the general trend of most Hollywood marriages.

Read an excerpt from their Rolling Out interview below.

Nicole: Being a parent is the hardest job ever in life. Raising children uses every bit of your being — your heart, your time, your patience, your foresight, your intuition to protect them, and you have to use all of this while trying to figure out how to discipline them. It takes its toll on a marriage as well. The time that should be spent with each other after the kids have gone to bed is usually spent face down, in your clothes, on the sofa with the remote control in your hand. It’s exhausting  …  but we’ve been married for seven years, and I think that the greatest challenge but also the greatest gift, is understanding that I’m way more capable than what I think I am.  You have to work hard not to take your partner for granted, even when you are tired.  We have a special needs child, so we also have to get up in the middle of the night and check on her.  So, I’ve been pushed to the limits that I thought I had, and I’ve gone beyond those … that’s been the greatest gift throughout this journey with my husband.

Boris: As far as our marriage goes, again it’s all about priorities. We make sure that we put in some sexy time, and we go out on date nights and spend quality time together, because we were here first.  Everything else is a reflection of that. If she and I are good, then everything else is good. So it’s very important that we put in the time to cherish each other.

Nicole, I want you to finish this sentence for me. ‘My husband makes me feel beautiful when…’

Nicole: When he looks me right in the eye.

Boris, ‘My wife makes me feel like the king of the world when…’

Boris: My wife makes me feel like the king of the world when after a long day of working she tells me to put my feet up and cooks an amazing meal for me.

Read the Full Interview at Rolling Out.Com

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  1. Angela says:

    I just love Boris Kudjoe. I’m glad to hear he makes a great husband – though I wish he were mine:-)