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| September 7, 2012

Fashion design is about innovation, and various flows of creativity.  An industry that formerly sought influence from within its countries borders, now has grown into a global market. With the help of technology, the international fashion world is at your fingertips. This allows style seekers the opportunity to explore, connect, and shop at sites of creative geniuses across the globe. Talent lives in individuals everywhere; what starts as a seed of passion, grows into a root of purpose, and then blossoms into a beautiful business venture.

Alice Kuaban’s journey started in a small town in Cameroon called Kumbo. While growing up in Yaounde, the seed of passion grew with her. From age nine  through young adulthood, her design roots continued to thrive, as she molded herself into the amazing woman she is today. With a degree in Biology and Chemistry, and a God given talent, she used the science of the woman’s body to create fashions that enhance and flatter all figures. Kilse Fashion is leaving a unique mark on the industry, one piece at a time.

Tell us a little bit about your life growing up. (Where you were born, where you grew up, etc.)

I was born in a small town in Cameroon called “Kumbo,” but grew up in the main capital of the country, Yaounde, with my parents and my  three  siblings.

Your personal style creed is  “if I won’t wear it, I don’t sell it.”  How would you describe your personal style, and how does it influence your collections?

I will describe my style as “60’s vintage meets modern contemporary fashion.” I love the fashion and style of the 60’s. The women in those days had a sense of style which I believe till this day continues to inspire fashion designers who design women’s apparel. Their dresses were fashionable, classy, elegant, sexy, and surprisingly not the least provocative; qualities that speak volumes to how I choose my wardrobe.  My collection was greatly inspired by all the great qualities the fashion of the 60’s had to offer.

I design for young working class ladies who want to be conservative at work, but can transform the same work outfit into a gorgeous evening dress when going out with friends. And this can only be accomplished by taking the best of the 60’s and pairing that with modern design. I love every dress in my collection, some maybe more than others, and yes if I won’t wear it, it means I don’t think highly of that design and would definitely not sell it to anyone.

Describe that moment when you first discovered your passion for fashion. What was the feeling like, and how has it changed your life? 

I have been sketching for as long as I can remember. I started designing clothing when I was about nine  years old. I loved elegant clothes growing up, and always wondered how I could improve on an existing design. Sketching was a way for me to relax and be creative, and I loved it. 

Before coming to the US to study Biology and to minor in Chemistry; Yes! I am a scientist; my mum asked me to take my sketches with me, and told me never to lose my interest in design. But I told her being a science major, I will never have the time. Well,  here I am a couple of years later, working as a researcher on an HIV vaccine design project, and still carving out time to design clothing. I enjoy science just as much as I enjoy designing, and who says both things can’t go together??? I feel blessed that I am able to do and enjoy the two things that make me the most happy in life.

You design for real women, with real curves. What, in your opinion, do most of your clients look for in their clothing?

My clients are looking for clothing that will flatter their figures, accentuate their waste line etc. No matter what occasion a client might be going to, a Kilse dress is a great choice because it can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion, while still flattering the body of the lady wearing it.

You recently debuted your spring 2012 collection at what we must say was a very well organized, well attended event. What was that moment like, and what inspired that collection

It was just wonderful to finally see my design pieces come to life. When I saw the models all glammed up and in their outfits, my eyes became misty with tears. It just felt great to see my vision come to life. My own personal style, and my love for vintage fashion was a major inspiration for this collection, and the icing on the cake was that all dresses looked fantastic on the young ladies who wore them. I was quite happy.

Was that your first runway show? Will we be introduced to a summer 2012 collection? Who do you hope to one day see wearing your designs?

Yes it was. There will definitely be summer designs on my website. But most will be coming from work with my collaborators. I am currently working on sketches for my fall/winter collection and if the sewn designs look and turn out just as great as what the sketches look on paper, it is going to be a gorgeous collection, and I am very excited about that.

In three words, how would you describe your journey as a designer?

Fun, Challenging, Exciting

I want a one-of-a-kind Kilse design, where do I go to get one?

You can check out my website;, for all my recent designs and to place your orders. Standard shipping is free!

Would you like to share anything with AG Style readers that I may have neglected to ask?

AG Style readers should feel free to contact me via email with any questions they may have about this collection or future designs to come. I am always open to hearing from anyone who is interested in my work.

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