When Friendships Fade

| August 22, 2012

Growing up I couldn’t stand being around girls. They were whiny, ungrateful, emotional, selfish, back-stabbers and catty creatures. The boys on the other hand, they made me laugh, kept it real, made me feel important and special and were just downright protective. I loved hanging around them!

Fast forward many years later, I’m in my mid-to-late twenties and the tables are turned. I couldn’t stand men. They hurt my feelings, broke my heart and made me feel unsafe and demented. My best friends became women and would remain so into my mid-thirties. They understood me, comforted me, laughed with me and grew with me. They became the rock on which I would stand whenever I fell

Today I find myself balancing somewhere between holding on to the love of a man while trying to keep the few girlfriends I have left; and asking myself what changed. What happened to the laughter and the long phone banter that ran late through the night and into the early morning hours?  I can’t keep from wondering if I’ve been a bad friend or simply picked the wrong kind of friends. Or maybe our friendship has run its course – commonality. Is this why the ones who were there when my heart was breaking are no longer around to laugh with me now that my heart is blissfully happy? Could it be that this is all too painful for them to see or have I just grown cocky in love? It’s not like I’ve never been in love before. It’s just that this time the feeling is mutual and more intense on the opposite side. Read More at My Lifes Moments and Realities

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