Learn to Live with Yourself

| July 3, 2012

Just imagine for one minute that no one is watching and judging you. Imagine that you are absolutely free to be your true self – the person you would be if people didn’t give you dirty looks and think you were weird, snobbish, quiet, loud or whatever. Who would you be, and what would it feel like? Just imagine for a minute that the world is your oyster.

In order to be able to live with yourself, you must be able to overlook a lot of your quirks and faults and laugh at yourself every now and then. Surely, just imagining what life would be like if you could be your true self must have felt great and even a little empowering! So why can’t you just be yourself and live with yourself when people are watching and judging? Maybe it’s because you’re too afraid of being misjudged. Or maybe it’s because you think too much about what others think about you and you fear being rejected. But, that’s just what people do. People watch and judge and find fault because they expect everyone else to be just like them.

This is why it’s important to remember that our personalities are shaped by our personal experiences and our upbringing. We are influenced by our peers and motivated by role models. But aside from the outside influences that shape us, we all have our own unique personalities. It is the part of us that becomes unhappy when we are forced to be molded into something other than who we naturally are. The happiest people are those who have learned to live with themselves. They have accepted who they are, and they are not bothered by societal judgment because they know that even if they were like everyone else, someone would still find fault with them. They do not feel the need to explain themselves or to apologize for who they really are.  

Learning to live with yourself means that you have accepted the qualities and attributes that make up your character/personality, and you are at peace with who you are.

Here are a few tips you can use in the process of learning to live with yourself:

Identify the things that make you really happy: Most likely these things bring you joy, because they agree with your personality and make you feel fulfilled.

Accept that not everyone is going to like you: No matter who you are and how you act, there are always those who will dislike you no matter what you do, so why live your entire life trying to please them.

Remember that accepting who you are doesn’t mean you are resigned to being the person that you are. It just means you accept that this is how you were created and if you don’t like that person you can always change it as long as you are happy with the new you.

Know that you are who you are for a reason: So you can either choose to accept it, or spend your whole life trying to be someone you’re not and live an unhappy life.

Accept that you are one part of the human race, and the human race needs you to be yourself in order for diversity to reign. We can’t all be loud and smirkish. And neither can we all be quiet and reserved. There must be some balance and you are just living your part.

Certain qualities are natural and comfortable to us, and when we are forced to be anything other than ourselves, we may grow resentful and uncomfortable. We all have certain qualities that are natural to us. Some of us are naturally giving. Others are naturally emotional. You may naturally be a loud talker, or you may be one who likes peace and quiet. These things cannot be helped no matter how hard you try to change. And even if you’re able to change, you feel like you are living outside of yourself and that you are just not who you know you are supposed to be.

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