Subject Public Office Holders to Public Institutions – Hon Abdulmumuni Jibril

| June 18, 2012

The chairman House Committee on Finance, Hon Abdulmumuni Jibril, Kiru/Bebeji Kano State has said that Nigerians should make public office holders attend public institutions with their dependents as the only antidote for decadence in public institutions and infrastructures such as schools, hospitals and power.

Speaking at the 2012 2nd BEN TV Democracy and Business Conference held in London, Hon Abdulmumuni stated that until Public Office Holders at all levels have a feel of public institutions and infrastructures there may be little development in the nation’s decaying public infrastructures. He said the symbol of development even in advanced countries is the attendance of public institutions as does the general public by public office holders and their dependants who are entrusted with the responsibility of developing these infrastructures.

The Kano born politician who attended London Business School London and Harvard US after his first degree in Nigeria noted that he as a politician elected to protect the interest of his constituency did not believe that it is right for public office holders and their children and other dependants to attend private hospitals. He said that the children of public office holders and other dependants should attend public funded Nigerian schools from Primary up to University First degree.

Abdulmumuni stated that politicians should trust these public institutions to deliver quality service. In his speech he said ‘I am aware that politicians and their dependants in the UK go to the NHS Hospitals for their health needs, they trust the service because they have delivered to the institutions their own primary obligations as politicians.’ He challenged the presidency to adopt a day to use public electricity without switching to generator even when the public light goes off.

Abdulmumuni said this will make even the president have a feel of what Nigerians feel when they stay in darkness without power for days or even weeks. He said ‘One may forget what poverty feels like once one is in affluence, indeed a man who last had a feeling of poverty 30 years ago can never know how it feels to be poor 30 years after, hence let leaders subject themselves to what the people feel now to actually appreciate their sacrifice’

He said he strongly believes in this principle that he hopes to sponsor a bill that will compel public office holders and their dependants to attend public institutions in the country and not private in order for these institutions to be developed with quality service delivery that the Nigerian masses deserve. He begged for the support of his colleagues in the National assembly for the bill when and if presented.

Also speaking at the BEN TV London conference, Dr Paul Orhi, Director General of NAFDAC,emphasised  on  the  importance  of  intending  importers, investors, and producers  of  packaged foods, bottled  water, chemicals, and drugs  to  always  get  in-touch  with  NAFDAC, on  clarifications, certifications, and  licenses  before  importation  or commencement  of  local  production. He said his agency was always ready to work with any Nigerians exporting foods and related products to Europe to contact his agency for the basic requirements for such export to Europe and further test of these products to determine if they meet the set standards by the European countries. He said his agency did these services for free to any one that approached his agency for assistance in that regard. He encouraged  Nigerian  diasporas  to invest   in  the  new  initiative  supported  by  the  government  on the  production  of Bread  using  ‘CASSAVA  FLOUR’  mix.  Dr Paul Orhi stated that applications  sent  to NAFDAC  with all  appropriate   documents  and  fees would normally be dealt with within  90days from  the  date  of  submission.

DR. Titi Banjoko, a  Medical & Health  expert, engaged the conference particpants in her presentation on  the  need  for  a  genuine  and  pro-active  process  of  effecting a  positive result oriented  out-come  in  both  the private  and  public  projects,  with  greater  emphasis  on educational  and  skills  acquisition  development.  Sharing his experience as a conference speaker on the windows of opportunities in Nigeria.

Another speaker,Alexander  Amosu, a young British entrepreneur of Nigerian parents challenged successful Nigerian entrepreneurs to create the opportunities for aspiring young Nigerians to interact with them and learn the habit of business skills. Alexander who owns the franchise for OK Nigeria stated that Nigeria is an emerging market that will take the world by surprise.

Speaking at the end of the conference, the convener and chairman of BEN TV Alistair Soyode said it is high time Nigerians started holding elected office holders accountable for their actions in office.  The chairman of Europe ’s biggest ethnic channel, BEN TV said Nigerians should score their leaders while the era of politicians giving their own score cards should end. Alistair said that the resolution of the conference shall be pushed through the appropriate arms of government for actions. He was particularly concerned that Nigerians in the Diaspora deserve their voting right and called for the passage of the Diaspora Commission bill.

In a press statement, BEN TV Conference coordinator, Tunde Alabi said that previous international conferences upon consultations with stakeholders on Nigeria outside the shores of Nigeria are building and consolidating relationships with international organisations and agencies such as the DFID and the EU. The stakeholders consultations resolved in conjunctions with development partners in Europe to proffer solutions to the mirage of infrastructural challenges facing Nigeria and other African countries through a new international development monitoring team known as the Diaspora Peer Review Group, DPRG.

DPRG has been set up to relate and interact with the people and government of Nigeria at all levels to score-card their performances using the existence of infrastructures, their values and durability with the monetary values linked to these projects in the government budgets as the major indices for access to international fund, public trust and popularity gauge by and for any Nigerian government. DPRG is people and infrastructure driven with the aim of, not limited to, ensuring that funds especially those sourced abroad are indeed used for the purposes of their release.

Tunde Alabi

BEN TELEVISION is the first ethnic oriented television in the UK and Europe. It caters for Africa-Caribeans in the UK and broadcast on the BSKYB platform, presently on channel 184. It is also available on Startime network in Africa. For example – Channel 118 in Abuja, Nigeria.


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