FINALLY – An End to the Worry about Outliving Your Retirement Income

Running out of income in retirement is the number one fear of American retirees – more so today than at any time in our history. But that is completely mind-boggling because – believe it or not – this issue is one of the easiest retirement worries to overcome. Really!

 It is as simple as attaching an optional mechanism to your retirement account that will guarantee (yes, guarantee) that you – and your spouse, if you include him/her – will never outlive your income, irrespective of how long (both of) you live, regardless of stock market gyrations. The cool thing is that you could attach this option to virtually any kind of money: 401(k), 403(b), Roth IRA, SEP IRA, or even non-qualified funds. And since your guarantee is not dependent on the stock market, you can count on your income being there to support you, whether the market is up or down.

I know! Why haven’t you heard about this? How exactly does it work? And if this is true, why is outliving one’s income the numero uno problem facing American retirees?

I recently authored a special report, titled “SET FOR LIFE,” that provides the nuts and bolts about how these optional mechanisms work in easy-to-understand, straightforward language. And most importantly, you’ll also learn what you need to look out for in the often-windy fine print that sometimes accompanies these contracts.

Let me be crystal clear, though: This report is NOT a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security, and you don’t need to buy anything from us to get it – it’s totally COMPLIMENTARY! You may get your free copy at

Meanwhile, here’re some things you may not be aware of: fewer than 25 companies in the entire American financial industry are approved to offer some version of this mechanism to the investing public. Additionally, a financial professional must carry a specific license in order to offer this option to clients. Granted, some advisors would tell you about options we believe will benefit you even if we were unable to sell them to you, let’s face reality, most people in this industry just don’t do that!

So it’s plain and simple: If you want to make sure that your retirement money will last as long as you do, the information in this free report would be of great help. And I wish you great success in your retirement planning endeavors!


Samuel N. Asare, is the senior strategist at Laser Financial Group, with nearly two decades of experience in retirement-income planning. His straight-forward and superb ability to simplify often-complex strategies has made him a regularly featured expert in various print, radio, and television media. Samuel is the celebrated author of several personal finance books and the acclaimed Proven , Common-Sense Wealth Building blog.  His firm trains financial professionals on a variety of retirement-related subjects, and he regularly speaks to investors about how to retire successfully. Visit, or connect at for more practical insights.


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Samuel Asare MBA, CRPC, CMFC, CTP

Samuel Asare MBA, CRPC, CMFC, CTP

Samuel N. Asare is the senior strategist at Laser Financial Group, a regular columnist/commentator for various national and regional publications, author of Proven , Common-Sense Wealth Building blog, and four personal finance books. He holds an MBA and is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, a Charted Mutual Fund Counselor, a Certified Treasury Professional, and a Certified Business Manager. To get more straight-forward retirement insights, visit, or connect at

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