Girl Child Network Founder, Betty Makoni, to Receive First Goddess of the Year Award

| February 5, 2012

An Award Rewarding and highlighting the humanitarian work of Africa’s women both on the African Continent and the Diaspora.

Afrikan Goddess Magazine has announced Girl Child Network’s Founder and CEO, Ms. Betty Makoni, as its first “Goddess of the Year” Award recipient. The announcement was made on Monday, January 30, 2012, in Washington, D.C., and comes after six months of nominations and intense voting that spanned across four continents – Africa, North America, Europe and Asia.

Betty Makoni will be honored at an awards ceremony currently scheduled to take place on June 9, 2012 at the Social Hall on the beautiful historic campus of Trinity University in Washington, D.C. Ms. Makoni is a rape survivor and an internationally known advocate for the rights of the girl-child in Zimbabwe and around the world. She has previously won the CNN Heroes award and the Unsung Heroes of Compassion award.

Betty Makoni was chosen out of 14 nominees by Afrikan Goddess readers and supporters. The award was not a “popularity contest,” but one that was intended for a woman who has demonstrated by her words and by her actions that she is for change in the lives of herself and in others. The award recipient was expected to reflect a heart of compassion and selfless sacrifice. There is no doubt that although Ms. Makoni won by popularity, she is also popular for a reason. She embodies all that Afrikan Goddess was looking for and so much more.

The “Goddess of the Year” award is designed to recognize and reward women of African descent who are engaged in humanitarian work on the African continent and beyond its borders. The women nominated for the award are engaged in great causes ranging from issues such as the elimination of hunger, poverty and human trafficking, to the fight against the practice of female genital mutilation, child/forced marriages and other forms of social and economic injustices. Betty Makoni has shown through her life and through the Girl Child Network that she is an example of selflessness, compassion and dedication to a larger community outside of herself and her family.

Nominations and voting for the award began in August 2011 and ended in January 2012 to coincide with the month that Afrikan Goddess Online first began featuring goddesses on its front page. The process which was straight-forward and as open and fair as possible saw readers picking from the list of women who had previously been featured in the Magazine between January 2009 and August 2011 (over 20 women). 14 women were nominated by readers to begin the process. An awards voting committee comprising of five readers and supporters voted for the top 10 out of the initial 14. The rest was left up to readers, supporters and the nominees themselves. Five women were finally chosen out of the 10. They were called the final 5 and they were asked to put together presentations that would speak to the hearts of readers. Three of them met the deadline, but only two went on to compete for the final.

In the end, the voice and passion of readers was too strong to ignore. Ms. Betty Makoni won in a landslide victory to become the first of many “goddess of the year” award recipients to come. She will be honored for her marvelous work and continuous contributions towards change and helping to better the lives of others in an exclusive ceremony that will accommodate a number of invited guests, friends and supporters of Afrikan Goddess Online. Details on how to purchase tickets and register your attendance will be available soon.

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