Celebrate Love This Valentine’s Day

| February 5, 2012

Just like any other celebrated day, Valentine’s Day does not have to be about expensive treats, dinners and gifts. It is a day set aside to remember and celebrate the people you love. For many, it is a day to celebrate that special someone in their lives, and to remind them of the love they share. In case you haven’t already been doing that the rest of the year, Valentine’s Day is a day for you to really do some “making up.” However, just like any other special occasion, this does not mean you have to go and take out a loan. If you’re feeling intense pressure to do that, then you need to rethink your relationship. If you only express love or measure love based on the material gifts you receive or give, you may also want to rethink your relationship. By awakening your imagination, you can create a romantic day for two that doesn’t stress both you and your bank account. These tips, of course, are good for any other romantic day you wish to create.

Get A Romantic Start: Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend again this year, so there will be plenty of time between when you wake up in the morning, and lunch or dinner, so start the day off right. Leave a simple yet meaningful hand-written note on your man’s pillow or someplace where he is guaranteed to see it If you’re very creative you can even write a note on the bathroom mirror while he’s steaming up the shower. If he’s the appreciative kind, he will feel the love and thoughtfulness and things could kick off from there. If he’s not, you might want to rethink your relationship. If you’re married to Mr. Unappreciative, that’s just your luck!

Try Not to Argue – Just This One Day: When Valentine ’s Day falls on a weekday, things are a lot simpler because you’re not caught stuck in the house all day together and the chances of receiving flowers are very high. Being home all day on Saturday, you need to be extra creative on how to fill in those long hours till the end of the day because depending on how you start out, it could be a long day or a day that just seems to pass by too quickly. The key to surviving the day away from the office with just the two of you,is to try as much as possible to avoid arguing. It’s a mood killer and the rest of the day is likely to be a drag!

Go Out/Stay In: Whichever you choose, remember its a day to celebrate your love for one another. Make the day count for something. You can simply spend the entire day together in bed watching old romantic movies, talking, or whatever else it is that you both do best. Whatever your preference is, the key is to make this day special, with as little expense as possible, and to maintain a level of intimacy and closeness. Hopefully, you have already decided what you want to do that evening so you’re not out picking up groceries or running errands. Spending quality time together is the key!

Have Dinner for Two: Today is not the day to pull out the recipe book. For, God forbid it leave you irritated and frustrated. Stick with what you know, but make it special. Try not to exchange cards and your “inexpensive heartfelt” gifts till after dinner. Serve dinner away from the couch in front of the TV. Remember that the key is to create an intimate environment. Get your dinner table ready, with his help of course, complete with candles, dinnerware, wine glasses (or juice glasses if you don’t drink) and a bottle of wine. Then sit down to dinner, just as you would at a local restaurant, and have an intimate conversation. In order to focus your attention on each other, be sure to turn the television off and get rid of any distractions.

Finish the Night Off In Style: After dinner is not the time to do the dishes. You can leave the dirty dishes in the sink for just this once. After all, there’s a higher calling after the intimate conversation you just had, and the leg-under-the-table rubbing you just did during dinner. If you absolutely can’t stand the sight of dishes piled in the sink, enlist his help in order to move things along quicker. After all, tonight is about sharing and caring and loving. If he can’t help you with the dishes after all you’ve just put out, then … you got it: you need to rethink your relationship!

If your man appreciates you and your efforts, his entire focus will be on you and nothing, or no one, else just this once. Gifts and cards can be exchanged at this time. Of course, you just finished having a wonderful meal that calls for a good workout – we’ll leave that to your interpretation. Of course, the rest of the night is up to the two of you. Let your imagination run wild, let loose all your fantasies and loosen up all your inhibitions. Whatever you do, finish the day off right. I’m sure you know what that means

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  1. Myne Whitman says:

    I was running out of ideas, lol…this is a great post.