Winter Fragrances for the Sophisticated Woman

| January 18, 2012

Is Chanel No. 5 really for old women? Should you wear Calvin Klein’s Obsession in the winter or the summer months? What fragrance works best for nights? Which works best for days? Knowing which fragrance to wear, when, how and why is something every woman worth her sophistication should know at her fingertips. If you’re clueless, the women behind the fragrance counter are not stingy when it comes to offering advice – whether you ask for it or not. And neither is Afrikan Goddess, so here’s a lesson in fragrance etiquette that every woman should know.

Not every perfume fragrance is made to be worn year-round: Wearing the wrong fragrance can draw negative unsophisticated attention to oneself. There is nothing classy about sitting beside a woman whose perfume gives you a headache. But when you’re the one causing your own headache, you know it’s time for a lesson in fragrance etiquette.

What fragrances work best for winter days? Because winter days can be very unpredictable these days, it’s safer to pick a fragrance based on the temperature. For cooler winter days, something cheerfully floral, soft fruity (citrus) or oriental florals is the way to go. For colder temperatures, something spicy, warm and woody is perfect.

What fragrances work best for the winter nights? For winter nights because it usually tends to be colder, fragrances that work for the colder winter days also work well with winter nights. Something soft and romantic can bring out the best of your night, or you can consider soft florals and citrus fragrances, or something spicy and musky. For a winter night date, tingle his senses with something soft and sexy. Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist is the perfect soft floral for winter – day or night – especially for sexy date nights.

Some other top winter fragrances are DKNY’s Red Delicious, Ralph Lauren’s Notorious, Miss Dior by Christian Dior, Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, Rush by Gucci, Inspiration by Lacoste, Brit by Burberry, Angel by Thierry Mugler, Lola by Marc Jacobs, The One by Dolce and Gabanna, and Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium.

Watch out for the Part 2 – Spring Fragrances for the Sophisticated Woman – coming this spring!

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