All He Wants For Christmas Is You

| December 19, 2011

I ran into a friend at the mall the other day and she was in despair over what to get for her man for Christmas. She had an armload of shopping bags and wasn’t sure he was going to like any of the choices she had made. I asked her if she had time for coffee and she said yes. We headed over to Caribou Coffee and after ordering our lattes and doing some general catching up I asked her what her husband had been hinting to all year. Men (and women) always give subtle hints about what they want or need leading up to the days before Christmas.

SEX!” She said in what could have only been a half-scream, causing a few heads to turn in our direction. I blushed a little, feeling embarrassed by the sudden attention my friend had invited to our table by her outburst. I asked her if that’s what he really had hinted to all year. This time with her voice barely audible, she nodded her head and said “yes.”

“Then what are you doing with all those bags full of meaningless gifts?” I asked her. She looked at me for a minute trying to comprehend what I meant. Then she looked at the bags she had been dragging from store to store in misery all day, and burst out laughing. I joined in only after I was sure her laughter was inviting me to share in her moment.

You will be surprised how many women can afford to give sex as a meaningful “gift (where gift is just that – a gift) to their significant others this Christmas. If you’re one of those women who enjoy those toe-curling moments every day of the year, don’t be deceived into thinking that all women necessarily share in your desire to freely and willingly love the men they have committed themselves to.  For some women, sex is a chore. They will do everything expected of them as wives, but when it comes to putting out in the bedroom they have all kinds of excuses.

Well, ladies, if this sounds like you, put down those shopping bags. Put away the expensive TVs and latest gadgets, and head on over to Victoria’s Secret because your man only wants and needs one thing from you this Christmas, and it will be the best gift you’ve given him all year – Sex!

Yes, SEX! And lots of it! You, wrapped up in a bow and lying under the Christmas tree! That’s all it will take. Then watch the smile that spreads across his face as he slowly unwraps the gift he’s been hinting to all year. It will be the best gift you could have ever given your boo this Christmas – and all year long! Let us know how things go.

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