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| January 1, 2009

Renee QA few years ago, a woman’s profitable trade was nothing more than trading merchandise at the market place, hawking goods at busy bus stations, in the streets, and anywhere in between where they could find selling space. Today’s modern, educated African women are setting new trends. Long gone are the semi-trendy boutiques filled with “hand me down” clothing and shoes, with pricey tags and limited originality.

Today’s trendy entrepreneurs are taking business to heights never seen before, across the African continent. With innovative and modern ideas in fashion and accessories, the modern day African woman is putting her talents and acquired skills to profitable use amidst a growing market of chic, open-minded and fashion-conscious women. Most entrepreneurs have shunned lucrative careers to focus on their true passions and creativity, at most times to the displeasure of parents and others around them who had “bigger” dreams.

Every fashionable woman knows an outfit is incomplete without the right accessories to compliment the outfit. Accessories and make-up are the key to finishing up any look. Whether it’s earrings, handbags, necklaces, pendants or bracelets, you can wear the simplest cloths and still come out looking like a hundred bucks. No one knows this better than entrepreneur and fashion stylist Renée Q. Boateng, owner of RenéeQ; and Afrikan Goddess’ first feature profile.

In an exclusive online interview, Renée allowed Afrikan Goddess a glimpse into the world of RenéeQ, a company she founded in 2006 after leaving a lucrative corporate job in the UK and relocating to Ghana to set up shop. Renée has followed her true passion in fashion and recently launched a new clothing line “Bespoke.” Her keen business sense and flair for fashion with just the right spritz of class is what makes her Afrikan Goddess’ first ever “Afrikan goddess.”  As her clothing line and accessory line continue to grow, and with new entrepreneurial ventures up her sleeves, who knows; we just might feature her again in the future. In the meantime, Afrikan Goddess is proud to give you a peek into what is fast becoming a sensation among fashion-conscious women:

AG: Renée, please tell Afrikan Goddess readers a little bit about yourself: where you were born, where you went to school etc. Basically, just tell us about your early life, before RenéeQ.

Renée: I was born in Accra “a few years ago,” (she says with a grin) went to Christ the King International School then on to St. Rose’s Secondary in Akwatia, Ghana. I graduated from the University of Kent, UK with a BBA (Hons). I worked in the UK with Gillette as an Assistant Human Resource Information Systems Specialist and moved back home (to Ghana) in 2006 where I got a job doing Total Quality Management (TQM) in a bank… Oh!…and might I add that I was the first ever Miss Teen Ghana (laughing).

AG: I always thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but the passion was never really there. I later found that my passion was actually in writing, so I created Afrikan Goddess. You indicated that you also took a stint at a corporate job for a while. What made you decide to leave and how hard of a decision was it for you?

Renée: Like you, I liked what I did, but did not LOVE it. I wasn’t fulfilled or challenged enough. There was something else I was looking for… I knew I wanted to leave the ‘corporate world’ but it was really difficult because I thought I would be seen as a failure. My mother was really disappointed that I was intending to leave the bank and my father for awhile was even upset with me. My husband was extremely supportive and encouraged me to follow my passion… so on that fateful Monday morning, I handed in my resignation letter and never looked back.

AG: What’s the concept behind RenéeQ? Is there a particular source of inspiration for your designs or do you just design and create as you go along?

Renée: Uniqueness…Everything I create has to be different or unique in a sense.

AG: Tell Afrikan Goddess readers exactly what RenéeQ offers in terms of products and services.

Renée: Professional Make up Artistry, Styling, and Unique Accessories made from Freshwater Pearls, Crystal, Ghanaian Traditional and/or Contemporary Beads. I’ve also just launched a clothing line, RenéeQ bespoke – an elegant collection of bead embellished tee shirts with an African twist.

AG: I especially love your accessories. They are just magnificent. Would you say the response to your products from the Ghanaian community has been below expectations, within expectations or above your expectations? In other words, do you think Ghanaians get the whole concept of what RenéeQ is all about?

Renée: Thank you. The response so far has been amazing and I give all the glory to God. However, Ghanaians are generally quite conservative and are a bit reluctant to try new things. I am still in the process of converting 24k gold jewellery lovers (smiling).

AG (laughing): Good luck with that Renée. You’ve done a number of runway shows, including the launch of Christie Brown designs. Are there any other events/shows coming up that you would like our readers to know about?

Renée: There are a few coming up but we’re still planning so I won’t want to spill the beans yet. Watch this space.

AG: Where can a person go to purchase RenéeQ’s fabulous tees and accessories? Is there any way for women living abroad, such as myself, to purchase your products without having to travel to Ghana (Laughing)?

Renée: I’m in the process of setting up an online shop. I’ve also been approached by a few boutiques in the UK, US, South Africa and Nigeria who are interested in carrying my products. Once that’s sorted, I’ll update my website with details of my stockists.

AG:  Afrikan Goddess will be keeping a close eye out for your online stockist and boutiques interested in carrying your products. Do you have any words of encouragement for young women who may be entertaining the idea of some day running their own business?

Renée: Have confidence in yourself! You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. Have a realistic plan, work tirelessly towards it and pick yourself up when you fall. Pray without ceasing and hey!!! You just might be the next Afrikan Goddess.

AG: Thank you very much Renée. It was our pleasure! Afrikan Goddess wishes you continued success in all you do.

So there you have it – Renée Q. Boateng! Watch out for RenéeQ’s stockists. Having never heard of the word ‘stockist,’ I looked it up; and lo and behold it is indeed a British word which means “a person or store that stocks a particular product.” So Renée Q. Boateng is our first profile feature, and for very good reason. She has given educated, modern, chic and classy a whole new meaning. You can check her out at for more on her designs and products and check back in the future for information on where to grab your Bespoke tee-shirts.

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