Heart & Soul

5:2 Your Life – The Relationship Fix

‘A two-day diet of positive interaction, fun and romance? To be honest, it sounds a lot of work’

How Women Can Empower Their Relationships

Nations once fought fierce battles in the name of something: peace, freedom, or religious tolerance. Wars were power struggles with passionate crusaders on both sides; relationships feel like that at times. For many couples, discussing relationship roles may cause conflict. Some men still hold firmly to the idea of being breadwinners, refusing to embrace women […]

Mind & Body

I Am A Strong Woman…Not

Strong women.  Do you know any? Jill Scott sings about them, Erykah Badu croons soulful ballads dedicated to them. Well, I know a couple. I’m not talking about the Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton types.  I’m referring to the ever growing legion of empowered women who make their presence known on Facebook. To underscore their […]

There is More to You than This

Have you ever felt like there is more to life, like there was something you are meant to do but aren’t, like there is something missing? I have. There was a period in my life where I was stuck with this empty feeling. A feeling of inadequacy so deep that it had me questioning the purpose […]

Money & Career

Rejuvinate Your Body Mind and Soul with Kate’s Organics

Kate Kibarah was once the chubby girl who got called names in school. After losing the weight and gaining the confidence and admiration of numerous inquisitive minds, she set out to change the way Kenya and the rest of Africa thinks about their bodies and their eating habits. Meet Kate Kibarah, founder and CEO of […]

Touring Zapphaire Events with Funke Bucknor-obruthe

Funke Bucknor-obruthe went to school to become a lawyer. It’s what her parents wanted her to become, but she knew she was better at and passionate about something else. Her track record as a lawyer (four weeks in a law firm, a few months here and there dabbling in communications and advertising) is evidence that […]

Fashion & Beauty

Cultural Pride Is A Fashionable Asset

Two beauty pageant winners set a tone for social cohesion as they display cultural fashions in the forefront during their humanitarian missions. Self pride is beneficial for individual self-esteem. In some cultures, showing pride is almost mandatory to illustrate one’s love and appreciation for community or a cause. In the world of pageantry, contestants are […]

Healing through Cultural Fashion and Beauty

This is a time of awakening for African-American self-preservation and beautification. And a natural hair care guru is leading by example… Isis Brantley of Dallas, Texas is a style influencer and the recent recipient of the “Nzuri 100 Carat Diamond Award” for pioneering natural hair care; and being a trailblazer for over 20 years in […]

Africa's First Ladies

Jeannette Kagame: First Lady of Rwanda

It’s been eleven series since we first featured our first African First Lady at the beginning of 2012. Since then, we have garnered quite an impressive list of stories into the private and public lives of some of Africa’s most powerful women, including the causes that are dear to their hearts.  What we have found […]

Mialy Rajoelina: First Lady of Madagascar

While researching the first lady featured this week, I was personally overjoyed to find that she not only is a first lady who embodies the ideal of today’s African woman, but she is also the youngest first lady on the African continent – in her mid-thirties. She is us! (The main AFRIKAN GODDESS MAGAZINE demographic […]


Serena Williams and Rape: Does She Really Know What’s Inappropriate?

The tennis player seems to think it’s wrong to get drunk, but what about wearing skintight dresses for a living – as she does

Announcing the launch of “Her Story Matters” – Now Open for Women Across the World

“Beginning today, the virtual doors are open for what could be the single most profound movement to elevate women of indifference around the globe. Her Story Matters has been established to give women of abuse and sexual discrimination a place to tell their story in an effort to build support, relationships and community for all […]

In this Issue

Ghanaian Cookbook Author Releases Her First Book for Kids in Twi and English

| September 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

Have you always wanted to know how to count from 1 to 20 in another language besides French and Spanish? Well, now you can. Ghanaian author and new mom, Sandra Amoako, has recently created the first book in the “What’s That?” series of bilingual, children’s books. “What’s That? My First Numbers in Twi and English” […]

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Till USCIS Do Us Part: A Look Inside Green Card Marriages

| August 20, 2013 | 2 Comments

This piece was initially published by Afrikan Goddess Mag’s editor in 2007 at Nigerian Village Square. It has been edited and reproduced for our publication. Adelaide’s Story Adelaide is a dainty, dark-skinned beauty. Seated across from me in the busy coffee shop, she looks calm and collected, and extremely ladylike. One would never know the hurt […]

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